Motorcycle Insurance in Orem and Provo, Utah

Insure Utah goes beyond ordinary auto insurance- we provide motorcycle and ATV insurance in Provo, Utah as well! Motorcycle and ATV insurance is similar to insurance for your car.  We can insure all types of motorcycles and ATV’s.  Whether you have a scooter, street bike, cruiser, high performance, or ATV, we have a policy for all of them.

We can provide insurance for whatever coverage you may need.  There are four basic coverage’s available under motorcycle insurance:

  • Liability coverage is used to pay for your legal responsibilities to others for any bodily injury or property damage done.
  • Medical coverage is used to pay for the treating of any injuries to you.
  • Physical Damage coverage is used to pay for any damage done to your vehicle. This also includes theft of your vehicle.
  • Accessory coverage is used to pay for damages or theft of accessory’s added to your bike.

We have great rates available to all Utah residents. Let us give you a quote so you can start saving money right away.

Request a quote online or call us toll-free at 877-988-1788 and we’ll be happy to help you get protected today!